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Love Hurts Spanking Bench @ Mainstore

.:Short Leash:. Love Hurts Spanking Bench

Available NOW in the Mainstore

• original mesh   

• materials enabled   

• RLV & capture enabled

• bento enabled animations

• 4 solo, 5 spanking, and 5 aftercare (10 couples) animations with props

• dark, light, & fatpack versions available

• 6 cushion & 6 wooden heart texture options- mix & match via HUD!

• copy/mod/NO transfer


Playful Pet Agility Training Set

.:Short Leash:. Playful Pet Agility Course Set 

Three color options, primary, pastel, and fatpack, now available in store and on Marketplace!



  • .:Short Leash:. Playful Pet A-Frame Walk
  • .:Short Leash:. Playful Pet Over Under Bars
  • .:Short Leash:. Playful Pet Pause Table
  • .:Short Leash:. Playful Pet Start/Stop Signs and Timer
  • .:Short Leash:. Playful Pet Slalom Group


• original mesh   • modular and expandable   • materials enabled   • primary, pastel, and fatpack options with many different texture options   • copy/mod/NO transfer   • timer included

All pieces in the agility set above included in each pack (scene and puppy sign not included!)


Check out our in world demo today!

available now at our in-world store here

and on Marketplace


The Perfect Pet Bed

.:Short Leash:. Perfect Pet Bed

Bone & Pillow versions – each with 2 HUD options (primary & pastel) and Fatpack



• original mesh • 8 unisex solo sub sits • RLV enabled • unscripted versions included (small & large) with Red Remora & TWI Wolf avatars in mind • materials enabled • texture HUD with 13 (or fatpack- 26!) bedding/pillow options + MORE • copy/mod/NO transfer •

Perfect Pet Bed Accessories: 9 accessories (Pet Biscuit Bowl, Pet Bowl & Treats, Pet Water Bowl, Tennis Ball (mint/green versions), Ball-o-Yarn (mint/green versions), Mousey Toy, and Rubber Bone. All are static props included for you to decorate your pet space. ♥
Included is a color change HUD for the bowls 😀


available now at our in-world store here

and on Marketplace


Mine’s Series Collars

.:Short Leash:. Mine’s Series Collars 



Pup, Kitten, O-Ring, and Kitty Charm

each with 2 HUD color set options (primary & pastel) as well as Fatpack options

available in world here

and on Marketplace