In the Beginning…

Welcome to the beginning of our journey here at Short Leash Shop, original mesh and virtual kink on the Second Life grid!

The concept of Short Leash spawned from my desire to capture my kinky imagination and use it as creative fuel to color my [virtual] world by creating original 3D meshes in Maya (then bringing them to fruition in Second Life) for not only myself, but other like minds as well. My creations are [mostly] bdsm/kink centered and consist mesh gear, accessories, and kinky things for every pet/Owner/kinkster/curiosity in mind. I’m excited to share my ideas and am constantly thinking of new things to create- much to my lucky test puppy’s chagrin!

Why “Short Leash”? Well for me, it’s a very sweet term of endearment. Relative to BDSM, saying you’ll be on a short leash means you’ll be held tightly, closely controlled, and lose much (if not all) independence- all things that sound lovely no matter what side of the slash you find yourself on. It’s my favorite idiom and brings to mind not only control, but also closeness, intimacy, and bond. I use this affectionate phrase often. ❤

Check back often for new blog post, photos, concepts, and more as Short Leash grows. Follow us on Flickr and come check out our in world store and The Gentle FemDom while you’re in our neighborhood.

❤ -Millie


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