Hunt Hints



Is pink your kink? ♥

The Kink in Pink Hunt is a sim-wide adult cute & kinky inspired hunt at A Town Called Short Leash.

Hunt items will be hidden in all public areas of A Town Called Short Leash sim. 15 stores including Short Leash, Just Peachy, Kawaii Couture, 1313, Mockingbird Lane, Bad Bunneh, Rebellious Rose, Grumble, Magnetic, Deadly Deed Design, Uni Boutique and MORE will be participating, with items priced at only 10L-25L and each store featuring at least one exclusive item to the hunt.

The hunt will run from June 1st through 30th and is open to the public.

Please keep in mind this is an adult sim and hunt- NO CHILD AVATARS will be allowed. ♥

Be on the lookout for hearts hiding across the sim- find one and you’ve found your hunt item! Each store’s heart color corresponds with their heart on the website (hunt hints below) and at the hunt landing.

Grab the ATCSL Kink in Pink HUNT HINTS located at the hunt start and get your kinky hunt on!




SHORT LEASH (medium pink hearts):

  1. Window shopping at Short Leash can be inspiring.
  2. I don’t know if you like ice cream as much as I do!
  3. Let’s go for a ride!
  4. If you play in the woods, you might get all roped up.
  5. Yippy Skippee!
  6. I might have you “stumped” with this hint.
  7. Fresh milk, anyone?
  8. She may be as cold as stone, but she’s got them both on a short leash.
  9. Let’s play fetch!
  10. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?
  11. Maybe you should write some lines for teacher over at Short Leash shop.
  12. Bridge over troubled water.
  13. I’ll call you Love Muffin but ONLY if you bring me coffee.
  14. Don’t forget to pick up your trash!

JUST PEACHY (pink hearts):

  1. Watch out puppies- hydrants are not for peeing on!
  2. You’ll find me relaxing by the waterfalls.
  3. Bad dog- go to your kennel!
  4. It’s pretty kawaii over by #14.
  5. Maybe I should rent a cabin for the summer…
  6. Deep in the forest the tall trees grow.
  7. When does the pool open this summer?
  8. I’m always down for a good party!

KAWAII COUTURE (dark pink hearts):

  1. & 2. A princess must always look her best. Make sure you are on your game, gurrrl.
  2. You’ll need something else in your mouth to satiate you and keep yourself from eating this sweet ring.
  3. If you need something with more sugar, but sparkles just as sweet, I got you covered. You’ll find this item by my favorite couture sweets.
  4. CAUTION! Babygirls at play!
  5. I really SUCK at riding dick. See for yourself.
  6. Every princess deserves a prince.
  7. Didn’t find him? Hmm. Try the Info Center?
  8. If you want this item, you’ll have to “throw a few back” with me.
  9. I’m sorry. That liquor hit me and I had to find a bush. I don’t know where that heart got to though.
  10. If you want this item you will find it in the most appropriate place for a queen to be worshipped.
  11. A good owner rewards their pup with the coolest treats.

REBELLIOUS ROSE (lilac hearts):

  1. I am a number but I’m also the name of a popular Stranger Things character, find me and you’ve found your prize.
  2. Beep Beep goes the Jeep.
  3. You spin me right round baby, right round..!
  4. How much is that doggy in the window? Woof Woof!!
  5. You will never see the end…if you give up in the middle. WELCOME…you have arrived!
  6. Down on the Corner….Out in the street. (Find the intersection of Main & Market Streets).

1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE (purple hearts):

  1. Hop to the shop, Natalie!
  2. You don’t need to go far to light up my night!
  3. I <3 wine!!!
  4. Beep, beep! It’s a _
  5. And when you really want to get dirty….

BAD BUNNEH (teal hearts):

  1. It’s a letter from Missy at camp! “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”?
  2. Puppies may need their exercise but I hope they don’t chew on me!
  3. I cannot Expresso how much I love coffee. It’s Bean my favorite for years.
  4. ‘I’ have a lot of love for the new Community Center.
  5. Even Bad Bunnehs know you must be protected during playtime.

GRUMBLE (baby blue hearts):

  1. Catching a ride.
  2. Waiting on the bus.
  3. Needed a little light
  4. Have a heart!
  5. Pretending to be a squirrel.

MAGNETIC (dark teal hearts):

  1. My heart belongs at The Pet Shop!
  2. Many have stolen my money, but only you can steal my heart!
  3. If in life you don’t succeed, then fuck that shit & smoke some weed!
  4. Don’t throw our love away!
  5. Honk if you’re horny!

UNI BOUTIQUE (white hearts):

  1. All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle
  2. So many delicious ice cream flavors to choose from?

DEADLY DEED DESIGN (white hearts):

  1. Waiting for the bus and reading advertising.
  2. Dancin on the wall at the Information Center
  3. Parking at – Caution Babygirls at play.
  4. Awww Yes! I L♥ve Donuts.
  5. Walking through the archway.
  6. Behind the foxes i take a seat.
  7. Parking with the Puppyes
  8. The doggy at the waterfall took my heart! xD
  9. You want to couple dance with me?
  10. Oopps… i stucked at the string lights on the party.
  11. Got sunburned at the sunflowers.
  12. Aahh … refreshing Milk. 😛
  13. Ooow kennels for rent, i think i need the biggest one.
  14. Drinking some Tea under the modern arbor.
  15. Can you drag me around the Farmers Market a bit?
  16. Sweet and Hot…i stand between honey and candles 😉

AURORA’S CLOSET (dark pink hearts):

  1. Baby You Can Ride My Car
  2. Fancy a Donut?
  3. Beneath a Mighty Fox
  4. When’s The Next Bus Due?
  5. ‘Welcome To Our Park’
  6. Four Chain or Checkers?
  7. In The Park Under a Wood Frame
  8. Behind a Neon Sign in the Park
  9. Fire!! Hydrant
  10. Within a Bin at the Farmers Market

GERMINAL (pink hearts):

  1. “Sunflowers are my favourites!”
  2. “Soemtimes I feel like trash…”
  3. “I love bathing with my friends foxes!”
  4. “This bus is never on time <.<..”
  5. ” I LOVE cupcakes!!”

LITTLE K (dark purple hearts):

  1. It’s time for a sausage
  2. The postman collects the mail
  3. Need a coffee?
  4. I’m a little puppy, caress me
  5. Let’s dance?

THE STRINGER MAUSOLEUM (baby blue hearts);

  1. Don’t treat my heart like trash
  2. Blue Hearts like Wine
  3. Talk me off this ledge
  4. Happy Tree Peaks
  5. 193Heart
  6. In the Gutter
  7. Light me up
  8. Cool my blue heart
  9. up to 6 people can sit with me
  10. Under a planter

CIRCA LIVING (grey hearts):

  1. “Donuts & java are just what the doctor ordered”
  2. “I spin & create energy”
  3. “I am the keeper of the bridge that leads to Camp Twin Peaks”
  4. “Lighting up 1936”
  5. Tea for two in the green room
  6. “Hang on it’s Pee-pee Rodeo time!”
  7. “For Rent!”
  8. “Pump Me with Gas”
  9. “Pound Puppy”
  10. “Stay Foxy”


  1. “I need ice cream in me”
  2. “I dominate this chair!”
  3. “Have a nice bottle of Seashell Dry White?”
  4. “Woof I need some heart treats”