Hunt Hints





SHORT LEASH (teal hearts):

1. It’s tea time at Short Leash!

2. The square is a nice place for a rest.

3. All the info you need is here!

4. Ever listen to the radio?

5. How about a nice cold one?

6. Hydrants aren’t for peeing on!

7. Let’s go camping!

8. A perfect place for a quiet spot of coffee.

9. It’s always 420 here!

10. Mistress adores the conservatory <3

11. Every pupper loves to play fetch!

12. It’s a little too cold for a dip in the pool…

13. Pets for adoption!

14. Ooh, a sticky gummy treat!

15. Have change for this $100?

16. There’s a fine collection of wine here.

17. Oh my gacha!

18. What time does the bus arrive?

19. Relax and watch the pups play.

20. Hey DJ- play my favorite song!

REBELLIOUS ROSE (pink hearts):

1. “You can’t ride in my……” ~ Miranda Lambert (song)

2. “They may be use but I am new…feel free to take one and/or leave one”

3. “Hanging around on the corner of Puppy Pkwy & Boutique Streets”

4. “Places to go, people to see…wait under me for your ride”

5. “I swear my mine isn’t always here…”

6. “It’s always __ time!” ~ Mad Hatter

7. “A simulator in a simulator??? Is this madness or just another game???”

8. “It’s Showtime!”

9. “I’m sitting high atop a muffin that believed in miracles!”

10. “Beeep Beeeep….Honk Honk….Vroooooom!”

11. “Home Sweet Home among those that cheep”

12. 10 + 10 – 15 =

13. “You spin me right round”

KAWAII COUTURE (dark pink hearts):

1. & 2. Eat your feelings and stop by my shop to wash it down with a dOllYpOp! soda!

3. Look for soda shop props and poses to find some cheese dip for your fries.

4. Fries dipped in ranch are the best fuel for gaming. It would be Just Peachy if you stopped by to play some games.

5. For ketchup on your fries you’ll have to work for it in the bakery.

6. I stopped by the Short Leash pet shop while munching on some fries when suddenly I found myself negotiating my own blood for BBQ sauce. You’ll find it still there… if you dare.

JUST PEACHY: (pink hearts)

1. We’re moving!

2. Wanna snuggle in the park and read a book?

3. Hittin’ asphalt!

4. What’s on the calendar at A Town Called Short Leash?

5. There’s a sale on bulk treats at the market.

6. Take a peek in the top floors of the shops around the main landing!

INNER DEMONS (grey hearts):

1. The high flyer holds my heart

2. Welcome!

3. Light a wick and let there be light

4. Look up little bunnies LOOK UP!!!

5. Where the boats you will find, you will be mine!

:: ANTAYA :: (white hearts):

1. Let’s play cheese?

2. Look for a dark blue van.

The stone fox took him to himself.

3. Take a look at the bar, you are interested in the luminous inscription “beer”.

4. This heart hid among the donuts in the bakery.

5. They sell excellent wine at the farmers market, you should take a look at it.

1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE (black hearts):

1. New store location, you should visit!

2. Is your heart trashy like mine?

3. Let me just wash off these feelings I’m tryna catch!

4. Does that berry look like a heart?

5. The Twin Peaks are my nips, because BRRRRR!!!

6. Kinky…This is the Way! Mainly….

HILTED (black hearts):

1. HILTED in the bushes!

2. Don’t run me over!

Waiting for the bus

3. Make a wish… or take a dip!

4. I love ice cream!

[NEKOTRON] (white hearts):

1. What do you need a license for to be allowed to drive it?

2. Where do you wait for the bus?

3. Don’t talk to me before my morning …..?

4. What is the best treat on a hot summer’s day?

ASTARA (grey hearts):

1. Let’s have a seat and listen to the DJ

2. Welp, gonna use the fire hydrant for a pit stop!

3. I need somewhere for this trash

Awww snow bunny!

GLUTZ (black hearts):

1. P is for puppies!

2. Chillin’ in the greenhouse? issa vibe!

3. Drinks on me!

GRUMBLE (dark pink hearts):

1. Don’t throw me out in the trash

2. Hangin in the alley

3. Looks like the entrance to Eden

4. Working the sidewalk

STRAWBERRY GASHES (pink hearts):

1. I can watch people walk into this arch way as long as they dont hit me with their trash

2. I see the sausages truck from this lit area

3. I love shopping for pets

4. These donuts look good, which one do i want

5. Sittin on the dock of the bay

6. Babygirls park here

7. I smell bread in this bakery

8. Sometimes you send santa letters with this

9. I put out fires

10. Let’s go to the market

GERMINAL (grey hearts):

1. Where is the best place to start? A: Just relax, have a seat on the dock.

2. I love butterflies! A: Me too, check the big one in the greenhouse!

3. I feel lonely A: I should check the Dream Date simulators

4. It’s cold outside, I need something to warm me up. A: let’s have some tea.

5. Is there mail for me? A: check the mailbox!

BLASPHEMIC (teal hearts):

1. It´s hidden in stone!

2. Sit down and relax!

3. Look out of the window to find yourself a heart!

AURORA’S CLOSET (dark pink hearts):

1. Where Foxes gather to drink

2. A Classic Board Game in the Park

3. Tucked inside a Tube so Blue

4. Fill that hunger with a Juicy Jumbo Sausage!

5. Beneath a Seat where you wait for a Ride

ARI-PARI (white hearts):

1. Snow bunnies need love, too!

2. Who doesn’t love a good sausage?!

3. Don’t throw my love away!