Hunt Hints



Love hurts and sometimes it needs a safe word! ♥

The Love Hurts Hunt is a sim-wide adult Valentine’s Day inspired hunt at A Town Called Short Leash.

Hunt items will be hidden in all public areas of A Town Called Short Leash sim. 15+ stores including Short Leash and MORE will be participating.
Each hunt item is only 10L-25L and each store features at least one exclusive item to the hunt.

The hunt will run from February 1st through 28th and is open to the public.

Please keep in mind this is an adult sim and hunt- NO CHILD AVATARS will be allowed. ♥

Be on the lookout for hearts hiding across the sim- find one and you’ve found your hunt item! Each store’s heart color corresponds with their heart on the website (hunt hints).

Grab the ATCSL Love Hurts HUNT HINTS located at the hunt start and get your kinky hunt on!




SHORT LEASH (bubblegum pink hearts):

1. I’m on a Short Leash.

2. I know why the caged babygirl squirms!

3. Nothing like a romp in the woods- you, me, the river and stars- and anyone else who happens to be watching.

4. The purrfect place to meet a pet!

5. Maybe I have a library fetish…

6. Wine, dine, then 69.

7. I hide in the forest amongst the tall pine trees, closer to the lake is where you’ll find me!

8. It’s a cryin’ shame you’re in the doghouse.

9. Anyone for some moo juice?

10. I will not be Silenced! Though, that could get sexy.

11. Trust me, I’m a professional sheep herder.

12. I want all the pretty packages at Short Leash!

JUST PEACHY (white hearts):


1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE (black hearts):

1. The door is always open @ the little 1313 boutique!

2. Ok, I admit…it MIGHT be a little trashy.

3. This heart is well bred…get it? Well…bread?

4. Wine a little, love a lot!

5. I might be a tree, but don’t pee on me!!!

6. Look at me, I’m hanging with the big kids!

7. The Wheels on the bus go round and round!

GRUMBLE (white hearts):

1. Anyone have a LIGHT?

2. Everyone needs a puppy!

3. That girl is FOXY

4. I am on the fence about this one…


GERMINAL (teal hearts):

1. Has my letter arrived yet?

2. I love reading!

3. I like sunbathing on my car.

4. Spinning the hit of the moment!

5. I want a dream date too!

STARLIGHT APPAREL (rose pink hearts):

1. Atop a Lamp by Lucky number 13

2. Pug Snuggles Below a Register For Cash

3. Now Where Is My Sausage Delivery?

4. Fire! Fire! At The Afterparty!

5. Time To Get The Horse Back In Their Trailer

6. Brrrr! Far Too Cold For a Swim!

7. Just Have To Stop And Pour A Hot Beverage At the Hot Chocolate Bar

8. On a Bridge Across a Stream

9. Somewhere Warm and Cosy To Snuggle on Wheels!

10. When Is The Next Bus?

MAGNETIC (bubblegum pink hearts):

1. Let your love light shine!

2. I love pillows, the more the better!

3. Love hurts and I’m confused, I’m on fence.

4. I’m a seed of love, plant me and I will grow!

5. It seems I’m always in the dog house!

6. Tea time!

7. I’m always up for a little romance, think I’ll rent a good romantic movie tonight!

8. I left my heart somewhere at the bus stop.

ARI PARI (teal hearts):

1. You make me wet.

2. Don’t throw my love away.

3. Fourteen… such a lovely number.

4. I lost my heart at the bus stop.

5. I’ll leave the light on.

LITTLE K (baby blue hearts):

1. Look for thirsty foxes

2. Cupcakes or fresh milk?

3. We take a tour of the farmer market

4. Mmm I love sausages

BLURR (grey hearts):

1. You’re so Drippy!

2. Wanna go for a walk? Good puppy….

3. Come Dance with Me

4. Daddy, Buy me a toy!

GAIA ROSE (baby pink hearts):

1. Has my letter arrived yet?

2. I love reading!

3. I like sunbathing on my car.

4. Spinning the hit of the moment!

5. I want a dream date too!

CAKE BATTER (rose pink hearts):

1. Baked & Glazed

2. They say love is messy but i always dive in

3. I hear you’ve got hot buns

4. Tea for two under the gazebo …did you bring the sugar?

5. Get to the pet shop rite MEOW!

6. Be the 6 to my 9

7. Got Milk?

DELUGE (baby blue hearts):

1. You’ve got mail!

2. Get the hose!

3. Wait here, and you will get there.

4. What does the Fox say?

5. The perfect snacktime.

6. Let there be light

7. Puff, puff, pass.

8. MAIN attraction

9. Sweet Treat

10. Take a seat

11. Sweet Ride

12. A Sense of Support

13. Man’s Best Friend

WERX (black hearts):

1. I gotch’ya back at #7 Kinky Way

2. If you hate Vday, Ice Cream helps!

3. For the love of Pugs, Pigeons and Perk Coffee!

4. Be sure to check the map for the right stop!

5. You are WELCOME to curb your pet before entering

APPLIQUE CHIC (teal hearts):

1. What do you need to listen to road tunes?

2. Where do you put your trash?

3. Where do wallflowers hang at the dance?

4. How do you move stuff from here to there?

5. Which game should U play ?

6. What is a good way to stay dry?

7. What is Sevens Lucky Partners name?

8. How can you make a puppy smile?

9. Where do the sheep go for nomms?

10. Where do you store your puppy leashes?

11. The best part of waking up…

BAD BUNNEH (white hearts):

1. Somebody loves the DJ, but they are a bit of a wallflower.

2. Bad Bunnehs always keep a supply of condoms on hand.

3. In the Greenhouse of your love, I could lounge all day.

4. My Love holds a candle for you.