Introducing- The Fetch-o-Matic!

.:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic

Available at Main Store

Demo in world here (must be in Short Leash group)

• original mesh
• materials enabled
• interactive fetch game
• original and exclusively scripted game system only for .:Short Leash:.
• allows up to 6 players at a time
• customizable owner only game set up
• group only play options
• player start/reset options
• 3 different game play toy options, each with their own
sounds and physics (bone, ball, heart treat)
• 3 versions available (primary, pastel, and fatpack)
• 5 machine color choices per version (10 in fatpack)
• built in prize system
• complimentary prize refill pack (also sold separately in MP)
• perfect for all avatars!
• copy/mod/NO transfer

♥ ♥ ♥


The .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic is an original and exclusive interactive fetch game, designed with playtime, pet training, competition, reward, and fun in mind.
The .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic is fully customizable in game play as well. The owner may choose the type of toy fetched, the duration of the game, the length of the fetch, and how quickly items are to be emitted for fetch play. You may also set the machine to group only or toggle Auto ON/OFF to allow other avatars to play your Fetch-o-Matic when you are not around. The .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic also has the ability to reward winners of the game with either included prizes, refills, or your own choosing (gachas, custom items, etc).

Now let’s play fetch! 😀

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Watch the .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic in action, thanks to our amazing blogger
Alexandrite ‘Alex’ Lovecraft and her friends ❤️