Introducing- The Fetch-o-Matic!

.:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic

Available at Main Store

Demo in world here (must be in Short Leash group)

• original mesh
• materials enabled
• interactive fetch game
• original and exclusively scripted game system only for .:Short Leash:.
• allows up to 6 players at a time
• customizable owner only game set up
• group only play options
• player start/reset options
• 3 different game play toy options, each with their own
sounds and physics (bone, ball, heart treat)
• 3 versions available (primary, pastel, and fatpack)
• 5 machine color choices per version (10 in fatpack)
• built in prize system
• complimentary prize refill pack (also sold separately in MP)
• perfect for all avatars!
• copy/mod/NO transfer

♥ ♥ ♥


The .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic is an original and exclusive interactive fetch game, designed with playtime, pet training, competition, reward, and fun in mind.
The .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic is fully customizable in game play as well. The owner may choose the type of toy fetched, the duration of the game, the length of the fetch, and how quickly items are to be emitted for fetch play. You may also set the machine to group only or toggle Auto ON/OFF to allow other avatars to play your Fetch-o-Matic when you are not around. The .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic also has the ability to reward winners of the game with either included prizes, refills, or your own choosing (gachas, custom items, etc).

Now let’s play fetch! 😀

♥ ♥ ♥

Watch the .:Short Leash:. Fetch-o-Matic in action, thanks to our amazing blogger
Alexandrite ‘Alex’ Lovecraft and her friends ❤️

Her Leash Holder

.:Short Leash:. Her Leash Holder

Available at Main Store

• original mesh   

• materials enabled   

• NON-rigged – fit to Belleza bento hands but easy to fit

• easily modifiable

• works with all OC & Peanut scripted collars/items

• 4 versions available- Mommy, Miss, Lady, Goddess

• both gold and silver included

• copy/mod/NO transfer

Happy 1st Birthday, Short Leash!

Happy First Birthday, Short Leash!

.:Short Leash:. is turning 1!

.:Short Leash:. is turning 1 and we’re celebrating our first birthday with store sales, gifts, and a sim wide hunt!

.:Short Leash:. Birthday/March Group Gift
NOW available in store (pick up a couple other gifts while you’re there!)

MARCH 1st – 16th

A Town Called Short Leash 10L Hunt
In celebration of Short Leash’s 1st Birthday, there is a bevy of gifts to be found scattered around A Town Called Short Leash.
From March 1st until the 16th, come search the area for special gift boxes each costing $10L and containing items to help us celebrate. Prizes are not only from our own Short Leash brand but also from Hilted and Little Thoughts as well! There are 19 total ‘gifts’ to be found and make sure to join the Short Leash store group for new gifts just for our kink pawsitive family!

MARCH 8th – 12th

50% off gift cards
50% off ALL gacha
includes full copy sets

Have your eye on something in the store? Now’s your chance to snag it at HALF OFF when you purchase a gift card first and use it to buy your items!

Our gift cards ALSO work on event vendors!


Sadistic Pleasures Rack @ The Men Jail

.:Short Leash:. Sadistic Pleasures Rack

Exclusively at The Men Jail

• original mesh   

• materials enabled   

• wall decor

• easy to resize

• matches Love Hurts Spanking Bench (available in store and event)

• pastel, primary, and fatpack versions available

• worded and plain versions included

• copy/mod/NO transfer

Love Hurts Spanking Bench @ Mainstore

.:Short Leash:. Love Hurts Spanking Bench

Available NOW in the Mainstore

• original mesh

• materials enabled   

• RLV & capture enabled

• bento enabled animations

• 4 solo, 5 spanking, and 5 aftercare (10 couples) animations with props

• dark, light, & fatpack versions available

• 6 cushion & 6 wooden heart texture options- mix & match via HUD!

• copy/mod/NO transfer

Caged Love Gacha Set @ XXX Monthly

.:Short Leash:. Caged Love Gacha Set

Sold exclusively at XXX Monthly Event

• original mesh    • materials enabled   

• 1 rare, 11 uncommons + 11 variations (light and dark sets)

• rare includes functioning door, RLV & capture enabled, 8 solo bento animations,
plus light and dark options & 16 pillow textures
• low impact decor

• 6 cushion & 8 blanket texture options via HUD (ability to tint the blanket yourself!

• NO copy/YES mod/YES transfer

Kinky Conversation Hearts @ The Stupid Cupid Hunt 7

.:Short Leash:. Kinky Conversation Hearts

Item for The Stupid Cupid Hunt 7 Feb 2019

• original mesh

• materials enabled

• low impact decor

• two decor items included – convo hearts with box & scattered convo hearts

• YES copy/YES mod/NO transfer

Starting point of the Stupid Cupid Hunt ♥ | Hunt Info

Puppy’s Dog House @ The Chapter Four



.:Short Leash:. Puppy’s Dog House

Sold exclusively at The Chapter Four

• original mesh    • materials enabled

• RLV & capture enabled    • Lockguard scripted

• bento enabled animations with props    

  • 5 solo pup animations    • 5 PG couples animations

5 dog house, 3 trim, and 10 blanket textures per version

• 3 version available – primary, pastel, and fatpack

• decor house included with physics (perfect for pup avatars!)

• matching rubber ball and squeaky bone decor included

• YES copy/YES mod/NO transfer


The Key Leash Holder @ Truth or Dare Affair 4



.:Short Leash:. The Key Leash Holder

Sold exclusively at Truth or Dare Affair 4

• original mesh    • materials enabled

• works with all Peanut & OC scripted collars and items

• small and large versions included

   • gold & silver options included in each version

• YES copy/YES mod/NO transfer


The Lock Collar @ Truth or Dare Affair 4


.:Short Leash:. The Lock Collar

Sold exclusively at Truth or Dare Affair 4

• original mesh    • materials enabled    • Peanut N°9 scripted

• 3 versions available- primary, pastel, or fatpack options

• gold & silver options included in each version

• 6 different texture options in each version (per gold/silver collar and 12 textures in fatpack)

• YES copy/YES mod/NO transfer


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