Shop Policies


original mesh ♥ virtual kink




  • All sales final 
  • We do not offer refunds. Demo items if needed. If you have issue with an item, please contact our Customer Service Manager and we will be happy to help as much as we can.
  • Gifting options are available via vendors. 
  • Gift cards are available in the flagship store.


  • Redelivery ATM available at our flagship store’s landing. Please try redelivery first.

Customer Service:

  • We are happy to help! Any customer service questions should be directed to our customer service Manager, Beau (beaubranwen resident). To ensure excellent customer service, be sure to leave a notecard as IMs are capped. 
  • Issue with product? Send a notecard with issue, transaction history (viewable via – copy paste all info), your SL log in name, and date to our Customer Service Manager.
  • Most items are Copy/Mod/NO Transfer, excluding gachas. Demo items if needed.

Events & Bloggers:

  • Marketing, events, and blogger questions should be sent directly to our Events & Blogger Manager, Astoria Branwen-Knot (6astoria6 resident). Short Leash is currently accepting blogger applications. Apply here.


  • We will exchange gachas for replacements with Copy/NO Trans permissions. Please send items in a BOX renamed with your SL log in name & “EXCHANGE” in the title. In the box, drop the items to be exchanged and your calling card. Send the box and its contents to Short Leash Shop Pup (shortleash resident) and your exchange will be made within the week (or less). For multiple items to be exchanged, send INDIVIDUAL folders as instructed above.