Short Leash & ATCSL Staff


(millicentbranwen resident)
Short Leash & ATCSL Owner, Brand, and Blogger Manager



millicentbranwen Resident
I am offline in Second Life.


(Little Salty)
Short Leash & ATCSL General and Blogger Manager

My name is RAEnbow – Rae for short! I am the General Manager of Short Leash. I’m a hufflepuff, crazy cat lady and a wonderful amalgam of geek, Kink, Unicorn Fairy Kitty, and Bubblegum-Goth Princess. My favourite cookie is oat and raisin, and I strongly believe pineapple DEFINITELY belongs on pizza!



(rykerzeke resident)
Short Leash & ATCSL Customer Service Rep

Remy is an avid roleplayer, photographer and blogger. When he’s not expending chaotic creative energy, he likes to spend time in queer or bdsm friendly spaces with friends. He is easily distracted by treats and shiny things.


(Nikki Littlepaws)
ATCSL Event Host

Nikki is a roleplayer, scripter, & administrator. When not either engaged in roleplaying or nosedeep in scripting, he can be found either working on a sideproject for a scifi sim, or more commonly encountered taking his pet for a walk around A Town Called Short Leash. Pan/Demisexual, accepting of all sans entitled people.


(Mirror Macabre)
Short Leash & ATCSL Customer Service Rep

My name is Mirror, and I am a blogger and photographer. I enjoy being a help to anyone who may need it. My addiction is constantly changing my look, and playing around in my wardrobe. She/Her, Bi, Brat, Switch.


(Liltygar Yalin)
Short Leash & ATCSL Customer Service Rep

Imp is a sim pet of many forms with all different levels of energy. Mostly a charismatic, bouncy, and playful deer or puppy, but can also be seen as a kitty, hucow, or pony! She loves to build, explore and does some photography and modeling.


(Meep Uwu)
Short Leash & ATCSL Customer Service Rep

Meep  is a reclusive nine-tail who also has the nickname of Kittyfox for her varying fox and cat like behavior. Though reclusive, she loves to help others and is always happy to lend a hand – or tail. A shapeshifter, you may never know what she’ll be one day to the next but she will always just be Meep.


(2D2D Resident)
Short Leash & ATCSL Customer Service Rep